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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Agenda Setting - I Hope the Next Mayor of Nashville Hears These Kinds of Sentiments!

Thought Shade Parade Readers would appreciate this comment below from The Scene.  

For the record, I love the changes in downtown - no city can be a true city without a thriving downtown.  But, the neighborhoods do need a turn!  I also particularly like the notion that this would be a big job creator.  Why not employ our Nashvillians while we make the city the best it can be?  

I hope the next mayor of Nashville considers these ideas strongly!  

Readers respond to last week's cover story with a checklist for Nashville's future, from schools to sidewalks

Agenda Setting

• From online commenter Chelovek: "Issue another $600 million of public debt, or whatever the actual cost would be, but use it to build all of the sidewalks everywhere instead of a convention center. It might not bring any new tourists to town, but it would have immediate returns for health, safety, the environment, traffic, transit accessibility, property values and the general attractiveness of Nashville as a city to people looking to relocate their families and businesses here. On top of that, think of all of the jobs we would create to pull off such a massive undertaking."

And, why not make the new walking districts in Nashville amazing?  They could be a huge feather in the next mayor's cap if done well.

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