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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pedestrians Bring a Different View...#DontBlockMyWalk

On 24th Av S, along side Dragon Park, there is a clearly marked crosswalk.  For years I have been calling the non-emergency number to complain about people parking in this crosswalk.  


When I brought up this concern with Public Works, they said 'people should know better' (HINT:  We really need a Public Awareness campaign on walking issues!!!).  People should know better but somehow, after many years and many polite notes on windshields, the blocked crosswalk goes on.  


Thankfully, Public Works has stepped in.  This is a shout out to them for painting in the diagonal lines to alert drivers to the upcoming crosswalk.  It seems to be helping...  


The point is, I am not sure I would have noticed this particular issue (over and over again) if I hadn't been passing by on foot.  Walkers are imperative to helping Nashville grow and develop conscientiously as we are able to take in the view at a different level and pace.  If my only relationship with this crosswalk was speeding by it in a car, I am pretty sure I would never have noticed. Pedestrians bring a different view.  

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