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Monday, May 15, 2017

NASHVILLE ARTISTS: how do you use walking to enhance your creativity?

NASHVILLE ARTISTS:  how do you use walking to enhance your creativity?

Artists walk.

Reading about how artist structure their days to produce, walking almost always features prominently.  It is almost a universal activity.    Walking is the reoccurring theme to break up the day, circulate the blood, shake up the thoughts and to allow for serendipity.  

An example to this was found in the New Yorker article on Margaret Atwood entitled The Prophet of Dystopia (  

'Atwood does not drive, and, for exercise as well as for efficiency, she likes to walk around her neighborhood; she often encounters en route some friend of a half-century's standing, and they will stop and discuss the past and future surgeries of loved ones - the inevitable discourse of the septuagenarian.  Sometimes, she drags a heavy shopping cart, loaded with books, for donation to the local library'. 

Nashville needs this!  We want to see and meet our artists on foot where a feeling of generosity pervades and people do actually take the time to chat.  Music City, needs to commit to building the highest quality walkability everywhere. Great tree-lined promenades have intrinsic value in sparking the creativity this artistic city!


If you are an artist in Nashville, please share how you use walking as a tool for creative productivity.  Include a few photos of your work & we will post it.  

Email me. or

Nashville is where the sidewalk ends...working to change this!

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