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Monday, July 3, 2017

What Ringo Starr Has to Say About Walking...

I continue to find examples of walking being a major part of creative endeavors.  Another reason Nashville should push fro the best walking infrastructure possible.

Ringo Starr:
My neighborhood was real working class.  I remember being conscious from a very early age that I wanted to get out of there because it was dark.  But it was a loving neighborhood, the school was 3 minutes walk away so it was a real neighborhood.  There was a pub on nearly every corner which I got to a little later.  There was a park I used to walk to.   
One of my ambitions, that my mother used to tell me often, I wanted to be a tramp.  We used to walk everywhere.  One of the reasons was because we couldn't afford to take a car or take a limo in those days or a bus even so we used to walk a lot and I used to love that.  

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