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Monday, August 7, 2017

Walking Districts are LIVE in Nashville!!!

Improving walkability in Nashville is a long term goal of mine.  Recently, I've had 2 major projects, Sidewalk Project #1 - Bowling Av and Walking Districts both get attention. 

Both projects that were started roughly 4 years ago.  I highlight this to show that working on improving infrastructure in a city takes a long time.  I also show this to question the length of time needed.  Projects, such as Walking Districts could be fast if our leadership had a platform where walkability was goal #1.  If funding reflected walkability as the highest priority, we could make serious progress fast!  Each year, sidewalk funding is but a drop in the proverbial bucket compared to need.  

Walking Districts are LIVE in Nashville!  3 neighborhoods have been chosen - West End/Hillsboro, Cleveland Park (East) and Una
(Antioch).  Speed limits are reduced to 20 mph on neighborhood streets and 25mph on collectors.

For the Hillsboro/West End neighborhood, the borders of the Walking District are: West End, Hillsboro and 440.

Consider becoming a pace car in these neighborhoods!  Don't speed, even if cars stack up behind you.


The concept of a Walking Districts is pretty straightforward.  Designed for local streets that are highly walked but have a low Sidewalk Priority Index (SPI) score.  With our current system of using the SPI, these areas would be last on the list of sidewalk creation.  And, maybe rightfully so.  The areas I am talking about are low volume in vehicular traffic neighborhoods and many have a park-like feel.  

The concept entails 3 things making it a quick, easy, and inexpensive fix.  The first is signage:  a sign announcing that you are entering a Walking District.  The second is a street decal (think of the bicycle decal you see on roadways but change it to a pedestrian).  The third is a speed limit reduction to 20mph.


Walking District 2017
Walking District 2016
Walking District 2015
Walking District 2015
Walking District 2014

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