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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Quick Call to Action! Exemption to Sidewalk Bill Being Requested - Take 5 minutes and write a brief 'NO' email to the Planning Commission!

Quick Call to Action!

Councilman Glover is proposing a bill, BL2017-938,  which would create an exemption from sidewalk requirements for churches.  It is on the agenda of the Planning Commission tomorrow, Dec 14th, 2017!

This particular exemption is for a single church in his district and the planning staff has recommended approval but the bill is to create an exemption for ALL CHURCHES.

The ordinance requiring sidewalk construction was passed in April and took effect July 1st 2017. 

In my opinion, it’s too early to start exempting anyone before we know more about the impact of the law. It is estimated, that if we continue producing new sidewalks at our current rate, our network will not be completed until 1000 years!!!  We have a huge sidewalk deficit in Nashville, we are not in ADA compliance and exempting properties is not going to help create a safe and inviting landscape for our pedestrians.   
One exemption will lead to others in the future.


PLEASE take 5 minutes and write to the Planning Commission.  Let them know that you oppose Bill BL2017-938.   Let them know you want every piece of sidewalk put in properly.



It’s agenda item  2017Z-023TX-001 .  

You can and should write to the commission members here: 

Make sure you put your address and zip code


Dear Planning Commission,
Wanted to write and say I am deeply opposed to exemptions from sidewalk requirements in Nashville.  Councilman Glover, BL2017-938, has applied for an exemption on Thursday's agenda and I truly hope that you say no to this request. 
Churches, as a gathering place, are of highest need for access by all and should, in no way, be limited to car ridership only. 
The sidewalk bill is also very new - give it time before we start passing out exemptions!  It will not be successful if we start allowing people out now.  Places, such as churches, benefit mightily by being in Nashville.  Let's let all of Nashville benefit a little by adding one more piece of the sidewalk grid. 
Safety, health and fairness should prevail.  Nashville has a pedestrian struck and killed every 21 days.  Most roadways are not ADA compliant.  If you let this one go exempt, it sets the dangerous precedent to continue in this same vein and for others to request exemption, too.
Please do not allow this exemption.


 You may also want to shoot CM Steve Glover and email, too:

Here is my email

Dear Councilman Glover,

As a health care provider and volunteer, I am highly interested in the health and safety of all Nashvillians. That is why I was so alarmed and concerned when I read that you were working to exempt churches from having to build sidewalks.

Churches, to me, should be welcoming to all. Including the community nearby. Including people who may walk. Including those who take the bus. Including those in wheelchairs.

Churches also build community. And, the best community would be local. Neighbors should be encouraged to get to a place of worship on foot.

Nashville has 2 things that could be reduced with sidewalks: a very high pedestrian death rate and an alarming rate of obesity. Neither is good for our citizens. We also suffer from some lack of connection. An easy way to work towards fixing this is to wave hello to neighbors as you walk along.

Please, I am asking you to stop putting energy into a bill that will hurt the health, safety and community building that goes with great walkability. Please stop BL2017-938.

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