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Sunday, November 11, 2018

For Great Public Transportation -> Step 1 = Sidewalks

 Walking is the most elemental form of mobility and sidewalks are a basic ingredient in a thriving public transportation system.    Without sidewalks, many cannot access the transportation system, such as the bus, safely or simply.

Without sidewalks, there is a barrier to use the bus.

This is why I was so happy to be invited to talk with the Music City Riders United (  This group is working hard to make riding the bus a better and more practical experience.  

I shared with them a few critical sidewalk facts that make riding the bus difficult for many.

- 81% of Nashville's roadways do not have a sidewalk
- There is a pedestrian death every 2 weeks in Nashville.  Many stories (see involve those trying to catch or exit their bus.
- We are not building sidewalks at an appreciable rate 
- The sidewalk grid in Nashville has an estimated date of completion ~ 1000 years from now
- The Sidewalk Foundation ( is raising funds to try to make a change in these statistics
- our city government could change this by allocating appropriate funding with a realistic completion date


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