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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Why this house is so upsetting when you care about walking in Nashville...

This house sites on Woodmont at the terminus of Valley Brook Rd.   I pass it all the time and so have had time to consider its significance  The owners chose the in-lieu fee instead of building the sidewalk.  As a grassroots sidewalk advocate, it's the kind of place that makes me itch and it highlights a few things about Nashville that can drive one nuts.

1) No one needs that much front lawn.

2) The best time to put in a sidewalk is while doing major construction.  You have all the equipment on site and your yard is already tore up.  Plus a private contractor can do it much cheaper than the city.

3) Putting in your piece of sidewalk is a generous gift to your neighborhood and your city.  It's a way of say 'Thank you' to your neighbors for tolerating the noise and construction.

Happy Holidays!

#NashvilleNeedsSidewalks - we only have them on 19% of our streets

#TheSidewalkFoundation - you can donate or help at: 

#FoundOnFoot - get out there and tell me what you find!



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