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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pop-Up Greenway in Nashville!?!

On of the great benefits of going for a walk is the random encounters with neighbors, friends and other such adventures.  Walking also allows time to let your mind wander and to relax.

Unfortunately, with some of the poorly designed sidewalks in Nashville, your mind is fairly preoccupied with the whiz of cars speeding directly past you.  Walk with a child and this feeling of worry is exponentially magnified. 

Without a green buffer of a few feet and some trees to provide shade overhead  the walking experience is significantly degraded.  


Join Rainier Valley Greenways for a community celebration on the Rainier Valley's first pop-up greenway!

Join your neighbors and fellow community members to learn about how greenways can enhance your neighborhood by creating safe, healthy streets for all!


A Pop-Up Greenway is a temporary installation of features including faux painted speed humps, way-finding signs, sharrows and intersection improvement suggestions that demonstrate what a greenway could look like.

I can envision a Pop-Up Greenway in Green Hills in Nashville as a way to highlight how completely walkable it is (distance wise). 

Or, maybe at your nearest less than easily walkable intersection?

Shade Parade is dedicated to making Nashville more walkable. You can help by thinking and implementing creative ways to accomplish this goal! 


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