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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sidewalk Project #1, Public Meeting Tomorrow!

According to Mark Macy, from Public Works, 'eventually, we are probably going to get everywhere, it's just that we are starting in the places (with high pedestrian activity) and going out'. 

Tomorrow, Wednesday, 4/23/2014, we are hosting a Public Meeting regarding sidewalks on Bowling Av. In our minds, this is a pilot project. Bowling Av is a logical piece to complete as it is already sidewalked on 2/3 of the street. Within walking distance is West End Middle School, Elmington Park, and numerous churches, synagogues, and restaurants. In addition, this area has a high concentration of walkers. 

This sidewalk with get used!


Shade Parade Nashville is in strong support of a reorientation of Nashville's goals.  We are for putting walking first and believe that it should be enjoyable, safe, convenient and comfortable.  And, I may added connected!


If you have sidewalks in your neighborhood you would like sidewalked - come and gather information and meet the key people involved to get your project done. 4/23 630p, West End Middle School Library

Sidewalks for Bowling…. and beyond
Wednesday, April 23rd 6:30 - 8 p.m. 
West End Middle School Library

You are strongly encouraged to attend! Your presence will help make a difference. We need to make a big impact this week in order to continue to build great momentum for this project and others.

This will be a friendly information-sharing and input-seeking meeting for all those residing nearby who care about sidewalks. We have a fantastic agenda set with some very knowledgeable and committed Nashvillians regarding sidewalks. There will be a series of short presentations, question and answer period, and chance to offer your input. 

We intend for this meeting to convey that while this is our first sidewalk project, we see this as a template to repeat in other parts of Nashville to cure one of Nashville’s real deficits: lack of sidewalks and connected sidewalks. Our goal is to pursue this pilot project to its completion in a cooperative fashion and then move forward onto other roads so we can gain some true connectivity throughout the city.

If childcare is holding you back, sitters will be available so that your child can do their homework or write a letter to Mayor Dean in the back of the library as we meet in the front!

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday! Please forward away.

Stacy Dorris Proctor, M.D.
Trish Mixon

more info:!forum/the-sidewalk-foundation-nashville


Green Hills News March 6, 2014, New Sidewalk Priorities Clash Over Gulch Bridge

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