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Monday, November 17, 2014

Sidewalk Kits Available From The Sidewalk Foundation - Nashville?

I had an interesting conversation about sidewalks the other day with an prominent politician - his advice:  

Create a sidewalk kit.  

As far as I can tell - there is no kit on the market except for play.  When people want a sidewalk - they have the option of building their own out of a simple kit. 


A while back, I wrote about DIY sidewalks.  

They're not rocket science.  I wrote about DIY sidewalks, in part, because when I had an assessment of my house by Public Works I was frankly discouraged.


Of course, there are some areas in Nashville that are plagued with serious ditches - these may not be suitable for DIY or kit sidewalks - but many projects would be fairly simple.

Building your own sidewalk would accomplish 2 things. 

1. You would be adding one piece to the sidewalk network.  It would likely encourage your neighbors to do the same.  Consider talking to your neighbors and doing the whole block!  That would be amazing!

2. Public Works stated that gaps in an existing sidewalk network are held in highest regard.  Despite not officially being a part of the Sidewalk Priority Index (SPI) - gaps carry significant weight when a street is assessed.  


The Sidewalk Foundation has filed for non-profit status.  Paperwork is pending.  We are working on a Kickstarter Campaign and fundraising options.   The goal:  to build well designed high quality sidewalks in Nashville.  Sidewalk kits may be apart of this fundraising.  

Do you LOVE sidewalks and want more of them in Nashville?  I am looking for volunteers who would like to be apart of a Kickstarter video and someone experienced in creating a web site.  I'd love to gather a collection of DIY sidewalks in Nashville and a place to drop a pin so others can see them, too. Maybe we can get a group of volunteers who would help with the kits as advisors?  

  Is that you? 


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