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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

If You See Something…Send it to Shade Parade Nashville!

The sidewalk is a right-of-way.

All should be able to pass easily and comfortably.  Meaning wheel chair users, the seeing impaired, strollers, dog walkers…everyone.   It is not a place to park things such as cars or trash buggies.

The images above were recently sent in and exemplify the obstacles that are faced on the sidewalks of Nashville.  This is near Villa and Tremont.


If you see something that blocks your way when walking - take a photo and send it in!


The images below are from Natchez Trace on trash day.  After calling Public Works, we learned that the trash buggies should NOT be blocking sidewalks (see image of blue trash buggy below).  This past fall, we did a campaign were we asked households, via flyer, to place their trash buggy in the street with the wheels pulled to the curb.   At this point, about half the households have made the shift…notice it on Wednesdays (trash day for Natchez Trace & thank the neighbors who do this!).


Statistically, Nashville has very few sidewalks compared to roadways.  We average less than 1/2 mile of sidewalk on a single side of a mile stretch of road.  Since we have so few, we all need to make sure the few we do have are free of obstacles.


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