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Monday, February 2, 2015

III - The Irony of the Few Sidewalks in Nashville


Now, to the ironic part.  

If you haven't read part I or II - Please go back and read these now.



As many walkers in Nashville know there are numerous obstacles. This story highlights one that I didn't fully appreciate until going over all the details. 


To orient you (see photo below):  The red car is heading west on Blair.  The street running perpendicular to Blair is 24th Av S.  24th runs north-south and, heading north from this intersection,  it goes along St. Bernard School, Eakin School, Dragon Park and finally onto Vanderbilt's campus.  

Looking at the image below where the incident with the family occurred highlights one of the freakishly planned (if you are a walker) intersections in Nashville.  The photo below shows a thin sidewalk almost obscured by thick overgrown bushes on the west side of 24th.  A simple cow path lines the east side of 24th.  You can see a fairly well demarcated crosswalk over Blair (where the family was walking) on the east side and a pretty faded one across 24th.  

As you head south on 24th (approaching Blair) the crosswalk is on the side WITHOUT the sidewalk.  

There is NO crosswalk on the side WITH the sidewalk!

With 2 schools, a public park and a major university within blocks…does this make any sense?  It certainly does not comply with the sidewalk priority index nor The Americans with Disability for that matter.  



If you see something - take a photo & send it to The Sidewalk Foundation / Shade Parade Nashville.

I am receiving a fair number of photos and concerns from walkers - please continue to send and I will post as they come.  

Shade Parade Nashville & The Sidewalk Foundation (a 501 c 3 non-profit) are dedicated to high quality well designed sidewalks in Nashville.  Thank you for your generous support in helping making Nashville a more walkable community.  

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