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Friday, September 18, 2015

#DontBlockMyWalk at Walk/Bike Nashville


Walk Bike Nashville is currently running a campaign with the name #DontBlockMyWalk which is a quick way to help advocate for better walkability in Nashville.  


In addition to construction blocking sidewalks, there are a number of repeated offenses by citizens and businesses leading to blocked  pedestrians thoroughfares.

 The corner of 24th S and Blakemore (at Dragon Park) is a location that continues to frustrate me as there is almost always a car parked smack in the middle of the crosswalk.  Although not a blocked sidewalk per se, you can see that this disallows free mobility on foot.  Worse, if you are using a stroller or wheel chair, the curb cut is completely blocked off. 

This kind of blockage seems to be in the same spirit as the campaign and deserves attention.

Walk Bike Nashville's excellent advice:

If you see a sidewalk that is closed with no safe, alternative route please share it on social media with the hashtag #DontBlockMyWalk.  Give the address or cross street.   You can also consider adding the location and tagging Walk Bike Nashville (@walkbikenash), Metro Public Works (@NashvillePW) and the Mayor's Office (@MOON_Nashville). Also consider tagging your district and at-large council members to let them know that this is a concern. If you don't use social media, you can also still email your council member to let them know of your concern.  

Additional Steps:

- Call Non-Emergency Police (615-862-8600) --- to report issue, ask for ticketing.  They will need address or cross streets.  If it is a car blocking, they will need the make, model and color of car.  Best to have plates, too.
- Call the police precinct of the area to ask for extra patrol if issue is persistent 
- Public works takes calls (615-862-8750) and emails ( with photos) as well  Best to have as many details as possible. 

Unless these entities know that you care about walkability issues, don't expect much to change.


Two additional and frequently spotted issues in Nashville:

1) Cars parked on sidewalks
2) Trash buggies on sidewalks

Any large obstacle on the sidewalk means walkers are going to have to risk safety and go into the road. I encourage you to notice anything that blocks your walk and report it.  


The fact is, everyone in Nashville is a pedestrian.  Yet, unlike cyclist, we are a group that is not especially advocate minded.  In regards to pedestrians, we have allowed Nashville to become the 15th most dangerous city in the US and a place where 88% of our public roadways are not safe.  


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