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Monday, June 13, 2016

Please Stop Calling us Suburban...

In my part of Nashville, between Vanderbilt and Green Hills, when talking about walkability/sidewalk implementation, I often hear people say, 'It's suburban, there is not much that can be done'.

For the record, with the growth of the city & the amount of traffic we endure, we don't feel suburban.   And, we want to be able to walk, use the bus, ride our bikes, too.   

If you live in the Urban Service District, by its very definition, you are not suburban.  You are urban.   Please don't use the term 'suburban' as the excuse to not modernize.  Let's put the infrastructure, such as sidewalks, in when the  construction crew is already there.  

As we experience our boom in growth, now is the time for these things.  It won't be any easier afterwards...and, it won't be cheaper or less messy.  

Now is the time.
Nashville Needs Sidewalks.  


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