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Friday, June 10, 2016

Serendipity...Leave your favorite book (or music) for a pedestrian to find.

Shade Parade has always been a bit of an art project for me.  Before medical school, I went to art school and therefore enjoy this kind of creative outlet.  Considering ways to make Nashville more walking-friendly is a naturally inspiring as there is so much potential here!

I am also a big fan of serendipity...probably one of my main reasons for loving walking is the surprise of what you may come across while out on foot:  a friend, a mural, a beautiful tree, or a Little Library with the summer read of your dreams.  

In the spirit of serendipity, I hope Nashvillians consider buying an extra copy of their favorite books and leave them in surprising places...

You are encouraged to go through your books and music so they can be shared in a Little Library!

I bought an extra copy of this book below this morning to share in my local Little Library.  Hope you are the one to find it...

VOTE for where you think Nashville Needs Sidewalks!

Donate here, too.


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