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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Metro Tree Replacement Rules: More Shade=More Pedestrians!

It takes shade to walk comfortably in Nashville. Shade provides relief from the sun, diminishment from traffic noise and a sense of mystery.  Really love and support what The Nashville Tree Task Force is doing.  There is supposed to be a 2" caliber / 6' tall tree for every 30' of frontage on these new homes.  If you see new homes going in without these trees being planted, please report it to codes at link below! It takes all eyes on the street to do this kind of work!

Walking is the ideal time to spot these things - you are moving through the neighborhood at a slow enough rate to notice.  


  • check the right-a-way before planting ---> you don't want to plant where there will be a sidewalk eventually!
  • Look up ---> you don't want to plant tall growth trees under overhead wires!


As Metro grows, some residents say they're stumped over lack of trees 

Residents are bringing attention to what they say is a lack of trees and a Metro Codes violation in several neighborhoods. (WZTV)

Some Metro homeowners say something important is missing from their brand new houses as developers tear down old homes to build new ones -- they're not doing the same with the trees.
Jim Gregory says he and his fiancé tracked nearly 100 violations just in East Nashville alone since March.
The Metro Beautification and Environment Commissioner says he's doing the research as a resident and getting the word out to neighbors about the tree replacement code.
As The Nations area grows with new homes, it left Karen Brown stumped.
“The light went on, I realized that's what's so weird about these pretty new houses across the street from me, it's that none of them have trees," Brown said.
Metro codes tree replacement ordinance requires at least one 2-inch caliper tree planted per 30 feet of lot frontage on new homes. It must be 6 feet and on the approved list.
"It's just not being consistently enforced by the city and it's causing a really big unsightly issue,” Gregory said.
"I know codes is overwhelmed right now, but in an area like The Nations, we're in ground zero," Mary Carolyn Roberts, District 20 Metro Council Member said.
The problem is more than just rooted in The Nations, it also branches out to many areas including East Nashville, out further west and 12 South.
"There's a lot of extenuating circumstances and we feel like it is being enforced," Stephan Kivett, Metro Codes Urban Forester said.
“There are literally thousands of trees that the city is owed,” Gregory said. “A lot people, a lot of developers just don't really know."
Gregory and The Nashville Tree Task Force are posting code info on new homes.
“Due to the note I left, two of the houses across the street from me got trees planted in front of them recently,” Brown said. “That's a win in my book right now, and hopefully more people will continue to plant trees and it will be an even bigger movement."
The Nashville Tree Task Force will go door-to-door next week to spread the word about the tree replacement ordinance. If you see a violation, you can report it to Metro Codes.


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