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Monday, March 27, 2017

Sidewalk Bill 493 - Nashville. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Wonderful News!!!

The Sidewalk Bill avoided deferral and has advanced.  It passed through the Planning Commission with ALL FOR and NONE AGAINST!  Next step, Sidewalk Bill 493 will go before the Council for a vote on April 4th (Tuesday).  

Since the bill passed the Planning Commission step, it will need 21 votes in Council.  The bill has 21 co-sponsers but it will not be immune to the possibility of lobbyist for developers reaching vulnerable Council Members.  


Please take a few minutes and write to:

Include your Council Member 

- Put 'Sidewalk Bill 493 - Support' in the subject line. 

- Nashville has sidewalks on ONLY 37% of roads.  
- We are ranked poorly in regards to safety.  We are the 37th most dangerous metropolitan area when compared to our population.  Not good. 
- Sidewalk bill 493 is important because it will increase sidewalk production in areas linked to development. 
- Nashville's population grows daily.  With this growth, goes more traffic.  We do not have good public transportation partly because you cannot get to the bus stop on foot safely.  This bill will help.  
- make sure you put your address in the email

More density = more sidewalks.  
Now, that's smart.

For more information:


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    1. Thank you! Wonderful to hear from you.