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Sunday, April 2, 2017

A very personal appeal for a few minutes of your time. Sidewalk Bill goes before Council TUESDAY! One quick email from you is needed!

Listening to a podcast yesterday on cities on Hidden Brain 

where words such as haphazard infrastructure vs first class infrastructure where bounced around.

Walking in Sylvan Park and then later in the Gulch really highlighted this issue for me here in Nashville.  We do have first class infrastructure but only in a very limited area.  The remainder is haphazard at best.  With a little help from you, we could start to make a change towards consistency and production of first class infrastructure all over Nashville.



Please take a few minutes and write to:

Include your Council Member 

- Put 'Sidewalk Bill 493 - Support' in the subject line.   
- Put your home address at the bottom of the email 

- This bill is a comprehensive plan that will close loopholes including those for single and two family home builders.  When development occurs, sidewalks will go in. 

- Nashville has sidewalks on ONLY 37% of roads (this is also on only one side of the road mind you)!    
- we are a city of 532 square miles - LOTS of sidewalks are needed
- We are ranked poorly in regards to safety.  We are the 37th most dangerous metropolitan area when compared to our population.  Not good. 
- Nashville's population grows daily.  With this growth, goes more traffic.  We do not have good public transportation partly because you cannot get to the bus stop on foot safely.  This bill will help.  

More density = more sidewalks.  
Now, that's smart.

For more information:

Help Nashville stop being the city where the sidewalks end...

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