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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Keep 8th Safe! Petition link included.

Please remember that roads are public spaces.  

They may be dominated by cars but they are for walkers and bikers, too.  That is the the law and this is a basic human right we want our city to embrace.  Too often in Nashville, it feels that the car is the only one invited to inhabit the road.   With the city becoming more dense, more cosmopolitan, more urban in nature, we need the best design now to create thriving communities, improve quality of life and health statistics.

Here is a quick thing you can do to help make 8th Av's redesign safer for pedestrians.  Without your voice, the focus is going to remain on fast speed high-volume vehicular traffic which is antithetical to the community in development.  Lots of restaurants and apartments typically means a design that would favor walkability.  To show your support, you can add your name to a petition below.  Know that there is an organizing group who want 8th Av to be a high speed high-volume cut-through despite I-65 literally being parallel to it.  

From Walk Bike Nashville:


A petition has started opposing the road diet for 8th Ave. This is a critically needed change, so we've started our own petition in favor.

Will you sign it and pass it to your friends and families?

This is a project we are actively supporting, as it make this major corridor significantly safer for those walking and bicycling, while having minimal impact on capacity for cars. We feel this is a test case for Nashville to get serious about changing our urban streets.

A blog post on why we support these changes is here:

Thank you for your help with this!

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