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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Nashvillians: $25k For a Park in Your Neighborhood???

A friend from my neighborhood passed this along today:

FYI:  The deadline for submissions is this Friday, March 14, 2014!

Thought you may be interested in this opportunity to nominate your favorite greenspace for a $25,000 make-over, funded by Bridgestone’s ‘Fuel the Cause’ program. Note the deadline for nominations is this Friday, March 14, midnight eastern time. Feel free to pass this on! Info and link:


At Bridgestone, we are constantly looking for new ways to Rethink Green. Help us make a difference in your community with the Fuel the Cause transformation project. Simply nominate a park, playground, or any other community green space that could use a helping hand and we’ll give the winning location a $25,000 makeover. See the official rules for full details. go to Help Fuel the Cause: Learn More.

Good luck!

This was Shade Parade Nashville's submission for a pocket park idea on Bowling Av:

Nashville is a wonderful city and currently red hot.  A growing city of over 600,000 people and yet we have a dearth of public parks and spaces.  We are rated the 2nd worst walking city in the US partly because we lack needed infrastructure such as sidewalks and parks.  Additionally, our community is known to be greater than 30% obese - an alarming statistic that demands close attention.  Admittedly, we have designed ourselves into 'The Great Blight of Dullness' but we are witnessing the shimmer of something new.   The city is changing…and you can help!

It is time for Nashvillians to step up and step out!  In this regard, we desperately need more public parks and I propose we turn our many overlooked places, such as the beautiful creek running under Bowling Av, into a pocket park.  Currently, this creek bed is hidden under a tangle of weeds, debris and gnarled guardrails.  Unusual for Nashville, there is actually a sidewalk on one side of the street, which would increase pedestrian accessibility.  In addition, West End Middle School is less than 1/4 mile away.  Lastly, it is settled squarely in a neighborhood with a high level of foot traffic.  Getting people to get out on foot, then stay for a while, requires some level of reward and amusement, therefore changing this dull spot into a pocket park would exponentially increase the vitality of Nashville for all.

In addition, I would love to create a pocket park out of the creek along Powell Rd and the deserted space where Thompson Rd merges onto Powell at the Wendy's.  Both are pictured respectively below.

Even though I cannot find good data on Nashville and its parks, I feel comfortable saying we are lacking.  When I think of our distribution of parks compared to other major cities it seems pretty obvious that we are behind the curve. In addition, we have so many forgotten places like the ones above.

If you have a park idea for Nashville - please consider a submission at:

Deadline is Friday (March 14, 2014)!

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