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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sidewalk Project #1 - Bowling Av, Update on Letters, Introduction for Public Meeting

On February 10, 2014, 62 letters were sent out to the residents whose properties would be effected by completing the sidewalk on Bowling Av, in Nashville, to its terminus at Woodmont.  Letters were sent to residents on both the east and west sides of the street.

To date, we have received responses from 23 households (37%) which have been overwhelmingly supportive of the project.  

While we are very much in favor of sidewalks, we wanted feedback to gauge the level of interest by our neighbors and also to identify any potention problems.

Here is a copy of the questionnaire:

How do you feel about completing the sidewalk on Bowling?  (circle one below)
1. Very Supportive - I would like to see sidewalks on Bowling and would contribute private money, if needed, to secure public money to make the project a reality
2. Supportive - Would be happy to allow the city to create a sidewalk on the existing public easement on my property
3. Neutral - Do not feel strongly if there is a sidewalk or not
4. Against - Would not support the creation of a sidewalk on Bowling
Please feel free to write any additional comments you may have.  


  • Very Supportive: 7 (30% of respondents)
  • Supportive: 12 (52%)
  • Neutral: 2 (9%)
  • Against: 2 (9%)

  1. I would encourage our tax payer dollars to be spent on this awesome idea! Please feel free to use all of my ditch for this purpose (as I live on Bowling and a large portion of my lot is on Bowling). I do not support AMP as I have never ever witnessed more than 6 people on any bus along West End! I do however support bike lanes - real bike lanes and sidewalks. Thank you
  2. I am so glad you are doing this! I have known that we need sidewalks on Bowling for a long time. If you need any help please contact me. 
  3. But would rather spend money on this as opposed to the AMP
  4. I attended a meeting at Hillsboro High several years ago where individuals took surveys and input about sidewalks. I talked to one of the 'surveyors' about private/public partnerships or private, and he discouraged the thought as 'discrimanatory'. Thanks - we need a sidewalk on Bowling. To reach the bus stop, you are required to walk on Wimbledon or West End. My son has no motor visual perception, so walking on Bowling isn't an option.
  5. We are the only neighborhood in town where sidewalks come up to it and stop - from all directions. We are a sidewalk desert!
  6. Very opposed to AMP
  7. I would not like to see any tax increase or other expense.
  8. I would love to see sidewalks on Bowling
  9. Would even consider contribution for sidewalks
  10. I would not like to see any tax increase or other expense. 
  11. Thank you for your informative letter. I currently fall between #2 & 3 in my support for a sidewalk, as you can see. We have recently spent quite a sum rebuilding the stone wall that runs in front of our property but actually sits on the easement. Many thanks
  12. I would not like my rock wall destroyed where there is a rental property with no wall across the street. Unfortunately, Frist's live on the other side of the street a bit down and doubt they want sidewalk in front of the house.
  13. Bowling Av is heavily traveled by speeding cars. I do not think it can be made safe due to the narrowness and the drainage issues. It is not uncommon to clock cars driving 60 mph on Bowling. I think no one truly needs to run or walk great distances on Bowling Av. Additionally, several areas of Bowling are flanked by very deep ditches. It would seem the cost of putting a sidewalk from Brighton to Woodmont would be prohibitive. If it were vital to the neighborhood, I believe it would have been accomplished.
  14. I am so glad you are doing this! I have known that we need sidewalks on Bowling for a long time. If you need any help please contact me. 
  15. Terrible dangerous idea on such a busy street! We do not want to sacrafice our hedge for this project which would obliterate our privacy.
  16. I would love to see sidewalks on Bowling.
  17. Count me in on your mission to provide sidewalks. Should have had them here decades ago.
  18. Yes to sidewalks!
  19. The students, parents, faculty, staff, and administration of West End Middle School would strongly support the construction of sidewalks along Bowling Avenue

As many of you know, Trish Mixon and I are proposing a completion of the sidewalk on Bowling Ave to its terminus at Woodmont.  Clif Shayne, an 8th grader at USN and a neighbor, has done a survery on this topic whose results will be published here 3/6/2014.  We have discussed this issue with our Councilmen, Jason Holleman and Sean McGuire.  Sean McGuire has graciously agreed to add this project to the Capital Improvement Budget.  Public Works has found no significant issues with easements or right-of-ways.  We have completed a hardscape survey to record any structures that would need to be moved/changed.  Most importantly, we have formally polled our neighbors, via letter, whose property would be directly affected by a sidewalk.  The results have been overwhelmingly supportive as you can see above. 


In April (exact date TBD), we will be hosting a community meeting at West End Middle School to allow for further discussion. 

 We will be inviting many different stakeholders, council members, the Mayor, representatives of interested non-profits, schools, churches/synagogues and community organizations.    

We wish to impress on our elected officials that we as a neighborhood: want sidewalks on our main thoroughfare; that we are the kind of neighbors who USE sidewalks; and that we are the kind of neighbors who are working collaboratively to make any sidewalk in our neighborhood be built consistent with the beauty of our little part of Nashville.  



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