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Saturday, May 3, 2014

10,000 Steps

10,000 steps per day is the goal.  The figure dates back to Japanese research completed in the 1960s.  Yoshiro Hatano, Ph.D., a professor of health and welfare, studied habitually active walkers.  Although a fairly arbitrary goal, 10,000 steps typically burns around 300 calories - deemed a fitting amount in a daily routine.  

Manpo-keis (10,000 steps meters) were born!  My preferred tool is a FitBit which vibrates when you meet your 10,000 step walking goal.  

A quick 15 minute walk (~ 1 mile) can be energizing after a substantial meal.  But more is likely need to lower your risk of heart disease and cancer.  


The best rule of thumb:  Walk as much as you can whenever you can.


The 2nd best rule of thumb:  support infrastructure in your community that supports walkability.  


Shade Parade Nashville is dedicated to increasing walkability in Nashville via high quality sidewalks.

Walk This Way, Courtney Rubin  Real Simple Feb 2014

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