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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sidewalk Survey

We have had 50 responses from the Sidewalk Survey.  If you have not had a chance to fill it out - please take a max of 2 minutes to do so.  There are 10 questions.  Link below.

As an update, we had a very good meeting with Public Works today (5/21/2014).  There are a few ways to go regarding Bowling Av in particularly that I will be writing about over the next few weeks.  Most importantly, our Sidewalk Priority Index score, near West End is a 45!!! This is very helpful to Bowling as they are currently considering projects in the 20-30 range.  Notably, the entirety of Bowling is not so high.  Our SPI does drop to around 6 from Woodlawn to Woodmont.  That being said, Public Works attempts to fill in gaps in sidewalks 1st - something to be considered as Woodmont is about to be repaved.  If there was even a bit of sidewalk completed at Bowling and Woodmont - this would create a gap - and a lot of momentum to complete it.  

Important next steps include:
Calling customer service at 615-862-8850 and requesting a sidewalk on Bowling.  Express the reasons it is important to you.  This action documents the requests of the neighborhood.  The more people who call and request - the better.  The squeaky wheel effect is part of the process.  

Fill out survey on sidewalks in Nashville with an emphasis on Bowling Av:

Shade Parade Nashville is dedicated to creating a more walkable Nashville through high quality well designed sidewalks


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