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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Front Porch Living in Nashville

In Nashville, when walking, the thing that makes it interesting and fun is the people.  The people you pass,  those working in their yards and the people sitting on their front porches.  Sadly, the latter is surprising rare.

Most walks are a bit like walking through the desert - not a soul in site.


The next time you reach for the remote, consider sitting out on your front porch instead.  The people walking by are their own sort of interesting entertainment.  Equally, the people on porches are a source of excitement and fascination for the walkers.  


Shade Parade is for well designed sidewalks & the best walkability possible in all of Nashville.

- Our pilot project is to complete Bowling Av from West End to its terminus at Woodmont
- We are working on 2 projects for Walk Nashville Mo in Oct 

--- Pop Up Walking Districts
--- and having individuals, with the help of crowdsourcing and volunteers, put in their own piece of sidewalk to start the process of sidewalk 'gap' creation on high volume streets with limited sidewalk infrastructure.

You can help.

'We are the ones we have been waiting for'
- June Jordan

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