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Friday, June 26, 2015

Is There Something That Has Been Bothering You?

Is there something that has been bothering you?  

Now seems to be the time to call/email Public Works with your concern.  They have been amazingly responsive lately.  

When I am walking, I keep a mental list of things that slow me down.  Sometimes, I'll stop and take a picture.   You can either call these issues in or fill out a customer service request.  

Recently, when walking from Hillsboro Village to the Green Hills area on Woodlawn, my stroller literally became stuck and I had to push it into the road and then back onto the sidewalk.  This sidewalk is filled with nuisances - the mailboxes and planters are really hard to get around and there is no green buffer to provide shade and a barrier from the roadway.  I sent in a request about this and it was fixed in about a week's time.  The mailbox issue obviously still exists but, without the sign, now we can at least get by on the grass side rather than having to swing out into the road. 

There are only 5 inspectors at Public Works to look for all the issues.  If you don't call - the chances are pretty low that they will find an issue that is personally bothering you.

According to the area MPO, there are 2652 miles of roadways in Nashville.  On these roads, there is approximately 1/8 of mile of sidewalk per mile of roadway on both sides.  Any walker knows, these sidewalks are poorly connected, randomly designed and often in disrepair.  People ask me all the time how to get a sidewalk in their neighborhood.  You start by calling/emailing Public Works and talking with your neighbors.

Public Works
750 S 5th St, Nashville, TN 37206
(615) 862-8750



  1. Thanks! I submitted a request about a part of the sidewalk that has been recently torn up on Lone Oak, and replaced with black asphalt and rocks. It is falling apart into the road and Green Hills Park.

  2. Hi Lora! Did they fix it? Keep me updated & if you have a before (and after picture) - I'd love to see it!