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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Personal Space

Took a long walk today as I am want to do and noted something…You see the bumper stickers that say, 'Give them 3 feet' referring to bicyclists but what are the rules for pedestrians?

A simple walk ~ a 4 mile loop from my house to Green Hills and back, taking about an hour and a half, requires me to walk on a lot of roads that lack sidewalks.   

In these situations, a pedestrian is supposed to walk against traffic which allows for some waving to help the drivers see you.  

Many drivers respectfully move over but many do not.  

So, what's the rule?

A quick search yields little.  I am going to assume the law states that a driver needs to give a bicyclist AND a pedestrian 3 feet by law.

If anyone knows the law on this issue - please let me know.

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