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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Call for a Public Awareness Campaign in Nashville

I am very surprised at the lack of a public awareness campaign in Nashville.  Nashvillians have just lived through the deadliest year on record for walkers and bikers.  110 walkers were killed in the state of TN - 6 in Nashville during November and December alone.  A heartbreaking tragedy.

According to this report, (link below) 10% of roadway fatalities now involve people outside of vehicles.  According to Lt. Bill Miller, “Is there something that we can do to better educate the public as to the dangers that are involved with walking and being distracted at the same time?”

Hold onto this thought for a moment...and consider the implication.   

“Is there something that we can do to better educate the public as to the dangers that are involved with walking and being distracted at the same time?”  Meaning, walking is dangerous.  People need to be educated on how to walk safe.  In an 'it' city of almost a million and growing at light speed - we have unsafe WALKING?    

I ask you to consider WHY it is so unsafe to walk in this wonderful city of Nashville.  


The other side of the coin is to educate THE DRIVERS as they are the ones careening into & killing the pedestrians.  

We also need to BUILD SAFE & fast.  The fact that we haven't is really a sore embarrassment.

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