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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Combining New Year's Resolutions with Walking Perks

Part of the fun in walking is the sense of serendipity when you run into an old friend, see something interesting in a store window, or find a little treasure on the ground.  This is one reason I really like the idea of Little Libraries.

Little Library

As my New Year's resolution for 2016 is to practice decluttering ala The Konmari Method (, I am in the process of going through my books with a plan to leave them at the various Little Libraries I know around West Nashville.  

In addition to sharing your old books, consider purchasing and leaving copies of your favorite book in public places for others to find - think of the delight you will create in another when they find it!  

Note, the only way to find these books will be on foot - zipping by in a car will not allow for chance encounters like this!


Did you know that the city of Nashville allows for an In-Lieu Fee for development which permits opting out of building sidewalks?  As it stands, when developers increase density on a property (take down one house and put up 2+) they are required to put in a sidewalk OR opt out by paying a drastically reduced fee of 8% of the total cost of installing a sidewalk.  

We literally are allowing our city to be developed without sidewalks.

Want a sidewalk in your neighborhood?  Would you consider putting in your own piece or contributing to a fund to sidewalk a needed area?  

I am currently looking for a home owner on Bowling or Woodmont who would be willing to pay for and implement a sidewalk on their property to get the ball rolling.

Maybe you want to organize a similar demonstration project in your neighborhood...

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