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Monday, February 22, 2016

Build Like You Live Next Door...additional ideas on this Nashville concept

One way to 'Build Like You Live Next Door' is to insists that the proper infrastructure is put down during construction.  Encourage contractors and developers to build the sidewalk that is required rather than pay into the In-Lieu fee.  

It is a huge gift to the neighborhood to put in the piece of sidewalk grid for everyone to use.  In this way, developers can contribute to the eventual sidewalking of the entire block.

Another way to "Build Like You Live Next Door' is to put in walkways from your home to the road.  Access strictly from driveway suggests that the only way you welcome people into your home is via the car, which is hopefully not the case!  Inviting friends and neighbors to walk over is so much more hospitable and fun.

Want a Nashville Needs Sidewalks sign?


  1. Where can I get a build like you live next door sign? Thanks

  2. My point is that building like you live next door should include walkability. It is much cheaper and easier to put in infrastructure such as sidewalks and walkways during construction than trying to retrofit this kind of hardscape afterwards.

    For a sign, which I have mixed feelings about,!product-page/c1eza/d99d3cc8-bc75-ec47-6c72-f713016f98f3

  3. I agree that it is a huge "gift to the neighborhood" for developers to put in the sidewalks, but since the developer receives the benefit of a more attractive development and popular neighborhood in the form of faster selling, higher priced, houses, the developer is not exactly making a "gift" that doesn't have a return for him, too.

  4. Good point! Since my goal is to advocate for better walkability, I may not always comment on other perspectives.