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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I Am Guilty of This, Too.

I am guilty of this, too.  

Frankly, it is just easier to head (read drive) to the gym to get my work-out than to brave the dark narrow fast-paced streets once it is dark in Nashville.  The number of pedestrian deaths in our town is clear cut evidence that no one is over-reacting to the real dangers of being a pedestrian in our city of almost a million and growing.  

The image above is a strong argument for the pent up demand for sidewalks in Nashville.  On an unseasonably warm evening in Nashville (in February!), there is no reason that so many would pack themselves into a crowded gym.  



Nashville is currently 'crane city' meaning we are building very fast.  The New York Times has, over and over again, called us an 'it' city.  But, I am hearing discussions of a cooling in our rapid development, particularly in apartments, due to our lack of infrastructure (read sidewalks) to support this kind life.


Want to 'vote' by dropping a pin where you see a strong need for a sidewalk? Want well designed sidewalks in Nashville?  Consider a donation to (coming very soon).  

Want developers to put in their piece of the sidewalk grid?  Ask your councilperson to get rid of the Sidewalk In-Lieu fee that allows developers to pay a drastically reduced fee rather than put in their bit.  

Want a Nashville Needs Sidewalk water-proof sign?  Write to:

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