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Monday, March 14, 2016

District 24 - Proposed Sidewalk Plan

Red means sidewalks exist.  
Pink is proposed.

Note the essential 'dead zone' in the southern portion of District 24.

  Compare this with the grid like pattern in Sylvan Park.  As a sidewalk advocate, this shows how being the squeaky wheal gets things done.  Sylvan Park has done a great job of advocating for themselves.  My neck of the woods has not...

Frequently described as 'self sufficient' and 'not asking for much' the neighborhood between Hillsboro Village and Green Hills is almost unwalkable and yet is so close to 2 major business districts.  It is also an area of endless traffic concerns.


Sidewalks are expensive.  They certainly are not going to get cheaper.  One idea to alleviate this lack of walkability would be to create Walking Districts in these blocks of dead zones.

A simple plan, based on the current bike lane model, could be implemented on low traffic neighborhood streets:

  • Reduce speed (20 is plenty?)
  • Place pedestrian decals on the roadways
  • Add attractive signage that says you are entering a Walking District
  • Plant trees!

I think this could also be a nice sequel to Green Ways and could be added to the Strategic Sidewalk Update that is scheduled to occur in 2016.

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