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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Shade Parade - what's this name about?

Fifty percent of the goal of Shade Parade is what you see below (1st photo).  In order to have a walkable city, particularly in the hot and steamy south, you need shade coverage.  Otherwise, walking in the summer months is almost unbearable.  

Our current Strategic Sidewalk Plan for Davidson County (last update in 2008, scheduled to be updated again in 2016) recommends specific widths of green buffers depending on the volume & speed of the roadway (see 2nd photo below).  Theoretically, this would allow for lining our roadways with trees to provide a very comforting separation between you and fast-paced hot-exhaust emitting cars.  

With the shade, so comes the parade of people...people who would have driven but now find it easier and more lovely to head out on foot...


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