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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Nashville Needs Sidewalks on the News!

Nashville is kind of a strange city in its lack of pedestrianism & high pedestrian death rate.  Certainly, many have written to say that they moved here from another place and can't quite understand how they are supposed to get around on foot.  Rightfully so:  we have a crazy quilt of options to walk on/through.  Some planned and others not.

And, yet we live in a city.  I even live in the 'Urban Service District' meaning I pay a higher tax rate for 'Urban Services'.  

One way to help spread the word that you support better walkability for all is to request a Nashville Needs Sidewalks sign and then send a picture of how you use it.  I'll post it on the Nashville Needs Sidewalks Facebook page.   

The images have proven to be a really powerful thing & I could use help collecting them.



The media has recently spotted these signs in Nashville.  Check out the links below where I am talking about sidewalks on Ch 2 and Ch 5.  

Just want to say how appreciative I am that Stephanie Langston and  Cuthbert Langley has taken an interest in the subject as it helps tremendously.  

My goal is to have people think deeply about walkability in Nashville - and these 2 pieces have aided in this goal.


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