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Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Few MORE of My Favorites...Mayor Barry of Nashville is asking for photos of POLES IN SIDEWALKS.

I found some more...

Mayor Megan Barry of Nashville is asking for photos of POLES IN SIDEWALKS - Here are a few more of my favorites. 

One bit of constructive criticism:  yes, we want these poles out.  They are silly, limiting and ridiculous in their placement choice.    But do NOT neglect building NEW sidewalks.  A sizable proportion of NASHVILLE IS WAITING!!!  Remember, these places with their nutty poles ALREADY, at least, HAVE SIDEWALKS.  They might be awful and make accessibility a serious concern but they do have them.  

It is time for a uniform and well-designed sidewalk plan with an completion date.  No more poles, meters, guide wires, etc in sidewalks.  Again, we have really waited too long to commit to this major undertaking in earnest.  

We need your help on this one.  Mayor Megan Barry (@MayorMeganBarry) has specifically requested that you send her photos of telephone poles in our sidewalks.  She is reporting that she is going to, one-by-one, eliminate them.


***These are pictures collected over the last few years...I am pretty good with locations but some may not be correct.  If you recognize it as incorrect - please let me know.
Brightwood Av, on north/west side,  at Lombardy Av

New Natchez, on Vanderbilt's campus, east side of street

Charlotte Av, north side of street, around 28th

Charlotte Av, north side of street, around 28th

Near the Adelicia building

Cleghorn (I think!)


Belcourt at the Pancake Pantry

Charlotte Av (I think!)

51st in Sylvan Park

At the Hill Center, Hillsboro Pk, Green Hills

East Nashville, near 5 Points

East Nashville, 5 points

In front of Sweet 16th Bakery, East Nashville

31st Av N, west of West End

Long Blvd




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