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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Shouldn't Major Corridors Have Better Walkability In Nashville?

Hillsboro Pike - a MAJOR corridor in Nashville.  You tell me, where can one walk here???  


We need creative and low cost options in Nashville to quickly alter our low quality infrastructure.  Our roadways were mostly completed in the cheapest fashion possible - lacking sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and proper pedestrian level lighting.  There is infrastructure such as telephone poles, guide wires, rock walls, landscaping etc placed directly in the path a pedestrian would use.  I argue that now is the time for a sidewalk infrastructure plan with consistency in design and a completion date.  

Many roads in Nashville look just like this...


Things are bad for pedestrians, Nashville -> let's get creative!


IF YOU THINK the only purpose of intersections is to move cars past each other, you solve problems like a plumber: with bigger pipes. But wide, barren streets full of traffic don’t make a livable city. One solution would be nothing. No lights, no curbs, no sidewalks—just colored pavers. It works. Accidents decline, traffic slows, and property values rise. “You’ll never do as good a job as two ­people using body language and eye contact,” says Sam Goater, a senior associate at the Project for Public Spaces. But don’t rip out the infrastructure just yet. Urban designers have a good set of tricks to turn a city intersection into something more like a plaza and less like a freeway interchange. Cars pass, people walk, bikers bike, and everyone’s lives flow more smoothly.

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