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Friday, November 4, 2016

Mayor Megan Barry of Nashville is asking for photos of POLES IN SIDEWALKS - Here are my favorites.

We need your help on this one.  Mayor Megan Barry has specifically requested that you send her photos of telephone poles in our sidewalks.  She is reporting that she is going to, one-by-one, eliminate them.

Just a few of my favorites below....

Hillsboro Pike, Green Hills, at Trader Joe's

Hillsboro Pike, Green Hills at Abbott Martin, north/west corner

New Natchez from Vandy campus to Woodlawn is full of poles in the sidewalk - both sides!  This is on New Natches, at Linden, south/west corner near the modern house.  

Hillsboro Pike, Green Hills

Hillsboro Pike, Green Hills

Hillsboro Pike, Green Hills, across from Glen Echo near the south/west corner near the CVS

Hillsboro Pike, Green Hills

Woodlawn west of Hillsboro Pk, on the north side of the street, before New Natches.  This 'Stop Ahead' sign was moved quickly after being called into Public Works...Now, if we could just get rid of the mailboxes all the way down!

Hillsboro Pike, north of the 440 intersection, at Woodlawn.  East side of street.  

New Natches Tr, between Blair and Woodlawn, east side of street.

Green Hills Village Crestmoor Rd, south-east corner.  There has been redevelopment here in the last year or so - may have improved.  

Blair at Hillsboro Pk, north/west side of street

Charlotte Pike, near new Health Dept, north side of street.  

Sent in to me from East Nashville

Powell Rd, at the Home Depot, south/west corner.

Sent in from East Nashville

Cleghorn in Green Hills

Bowling Av between Brighton and Alder Ct on the west side of the street

Elliston at 23rd, south side of street.  This one was particularly disheartening because these are new (with the last year)!

We want, what few sidewalks we have, back.  Thank you to Mayor Barry for taking this on.


  1. Those are some horrible examples! Can you put the location of each by the pictures? Can we send you pictures and create a database of sorts?