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Thursday, June 7, 2018

$3 Million Needed to Complete Bowling Av's Sidewalk

$3 Million Needed to Complete Bowling Av's Sidewalk

According to WalkNBike (Link To WalkNBike - see pg 226 & 227), the remaining 1/2 mile that is not planned to be sidewalked on Bowling Av will cost a little over $3 million.



Sidewalk Project #1, Bowling Av

A sidewalk along the remainder of Bowling is the goal

The current proposal leaves 0.5 miles remaining unsidewalked

Estimated cost, according to WalkNBike for this 1/2 mile (2640 linear feet @ $1183 per linear foot)collector roadway would be:


Crowdsourcing is an option (to make a donation).  In a neighborhood like this, there is a sense that we could supplement the project in order to expedite & complete it.  Considering realistic funding goals, it may be more practical to explore alternative designs such as wood chipped pathway or asking individual home owners to build their own.


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