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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Guerrilla Urbanization in Nashville

Guerrilla Urbanization in Nashville

The Nations Neighborhood



A lot of exciting change can occur with a few hours of well thought out volunteer work.


Shade Parade Nashville and The Sidewalk Foundation are committed to increasing access to more high quality, well designed sidewalks in Nashville.  

We want all Nashvillians to be able to get out on foot…safely!


Please consider making a donation to THE SIDEWALK FOUNDATION.  

 1 SQ FT of Sidewalk = $50


If you are a developer or know a developer -> you are strongly encouraged to PUT IN THE SIDEWALK when developing Nashville properties  instead of paying into the sidewalk in-lieu fee.  Let's work on creating a million 'sidewalks to nowhere' then stitch all those little pieces into a complete and lively SIDEWALK NETWORK!

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