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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Volunteer Opportunity to Promote Walkabilty, Based on Better Blocks!

Volunteer Opportunity to Promote Walkabilty, Based on Better Blocks!

Originally, I had high hopes of volunteering for the organization in Nashville that promoted walkability. I searched and searched but what I could find was pedestrianism focused primarily on biking. I like biking fine but what I was passionate about was walking…putting on a pair of shoes and going…no equipment needed!

October 2014 is Walk Month in Nashville. Currently, I am working on some fun ideas - mainly a Pop-Up Walking District to hopefully happen along Bowling Av ending in Elmington Park & The Mayoral Candidates Coffee on Walkabilty (October 8th, 745a, at Ruby).  I hope you come out and join us. 

Last night, I heard about a group, here in town, working on a project based on the Better Blocks idea…

Here is their information…you may want to volunteer here as they have a big project coming up in August!


Better Blocks volunteers still needed...

We're off to a fantastic start!!! We had merry band of volunteers on Saturday collecting and sourcing materials that will be used to build our sets for our Better Blocks campaign on 51st Ave. It was a hugely successful day out. An enormous thank you to or all our new friends who came out to help!!! It's not to late to join in and help be a part of this event. Anyone who is interested in helping us transform 51st Ave on Saturday Aug 23rd please email us @

We will continue to meet for a couple of hours each Saturday to build, paint, and more importantly have a little fun. It's a great way to meet your neighbors and an even better way to get involved in the transformation of the Nations.

How awesome is it going to be to get to see 51st Ave between Indiana and Georgia, narrowed down to 2 lanes of traffic, painted pedestrian walkways and bike lanes. Pop-up street markets and caf├ęs, even temporary art installations, and landscaping.

Volunteer, be a rock star, and get involved it's that easy. Who's in?

1) Building & Sourcing
Weekends leading up to event
o Constructing street ‘scaping components (planters, etc.)
o Source items needed for street ‘scaping (bike frames, pallet wood, etc.)

2) Street 'Scaping (08/22-23)
Friday afternoon/evening & Saturday early morning
o Painting cross walks, bike paths, etc.
o Additional signage (mounting bike frames to lamp posts, etc.)
o Prep street for morning set up

3) Set Up/Clean Up (08/23-23)
Friday evening, Saturday morning, afternoon, and evening
o Transporting constructed pieces to 51st & Indiana/Georgia
o Positioning landscaping, outdoor seating, signage, etc.
o Tear down and removal of street ‘scaping
o General end of event clean up


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