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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nashville: Makes the Top 10 for Happiest Cities in the US!

Nashville may be the 15th most dangerous city to walk around in from a pedestrian's point of view but we are rated the 9th happiest city in the US per the Huffington Post.  Not bad!

Think of what our rating would be if we could actually walk everywhere on foot in a safe, comfortable and interesting fashion!


Sitting Is the New Smoking: Why Walking Is the “Secret Sauce” for Better Health and Happier Communities

Whether you live in the ‘burbs, the city, or the middle of nowhere, the "wonder drug" of walking is just what the doctor ordered.

-remainder paraphrased from Yes Magazine…

If sitting is the new smoking then walking is the “secret sauce” for better health and happier communities.

Dr. Regina Benjamin, U.S. Surgeon General from 2009-2013, said, "You know that exercise is medicine. It's also good for the social fabric of our communities."

Karen Marlo, vice-president of the National Business Group on Health, an alliance of leading companies, explained, "Walking is a business issue. A healthy workforce means a more successful workforce. It's important for businesses to share effective ways to get employees to walk more."

Developers understand that walking promotes successful economic development. 

Environmentalists understand walking reduces carbon emissions.

Every point over 70 on Walk Score results in increased rent of 90 cents per square foot for commercial property and a rise in home values of $20 per square foot for residential property.


Shade Parade Nashville and The Sidewalk Foundation are committed to increasing access to more high quality, well designed sidewalks in Nashville. 

We want all Nashvillians to be able to get out on foot…safely!


Please consider making a donation to THE SIDEWALK FOUNDATION. 

1 SQ FT of Sidewalk = $50


If you are a developer or know a developer -> you are strongly encouraged to PUT IN THE SIDEWALK when developing Nashville properties instead of paying into the sidewalk in-lieu fee. Let's work on creating a million 'sidewalks to nowhere' then stitch all those little pieces into a complete and livley SIDEWALK NETWORK! 

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