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Monday, December 15, 2014

Being Thankful For Legs in Nashville - Your New Year's Resolution?

Two weeks ago, I met with Dana Tardy Manno, a Nashvillian who was struck by a car while walking. She was in a crosswalk with 2 friends - just crossing the street.  The right-of-way was theirs.  The light was red but the driver ran it.  

This was in August of 1990.  Eight months later, she was released from the hospital.  Another four months were spent in and out of the hospital.  An additional eight months to learn to walk normally.     

Her injuries included a skull fracture, pelvic fracture, severe lower leg fractures and damage to her soft tissues requiring muscle flaps, bone and skin grafts.  She had steel rods placed.  Complications with infections delayed her healing and required further skin grafts.  

The driver who hit Dana was arrested and continues to have his wages garnished to this day in retribution.  


All in all, she was out of school for a full year but she finished to prove 'she could win'.

The interesting thing about Dana is, over time, this accident has left her with a firm belief if walking.  She has become an avid walker here in Nashville which is sometimes questioned.  People tend to ask her 'if she is scared' for which she responds 'whenever you have a life changing event you realize that life is short'. 

'I love my legs.  People do not realize how important legs are.  We fight wars now for oil - but, what about just going back to the days of walking?'


Today, she is interested in helping to promote walkability in Nashville.  She is noticing that the city is becoming more dense and much busier with cars.  As a native Nashvillian, things have changed and she notes they will continue to do so.  'But, I am not giving up my place as a walker'.

At the same time, she has two daughters and she is cautious about walking with them.  I am 'not going to let them walk with no shoulder'.  She notes that Kenner Av, her street, had traffic calming measures installed after a little girl was struck and killed on this known cut-through where people used to drive at high speed.  

She states that she has a 'hard time with change since her accident but change is happening' in Nashville - if it leads to 'being able to walk more' she will be pleased.

'I love to walk…I love to feel alive'.

It's a competition!
It's a great New Year's Resolution!

Dana is going to be volunteering with our 
Call In Campaign to Public Works
You can too!

Mark your calendar!
January 9th-16th

  • Look for the site most in need of a sidewalk.
  • Call in to Public Works and request a sidewalk at the location of your choice between 1/9 & 1/16/2015
  • Drop a pin at (site opens 1/1/2015)
  • Watch the pins accumulate - will your neighborhood win?

This is a great way to call attention to a site that is in need of a sidewalk and also to let Public Works know:  Nashville Needs Sidewalks!

Opens 1/1/2015

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  1. This week is the anniversary of the death of a high school student who was struck last year - also in a crosswalk - In Nashville. Her death occured on Dec 19th 2013. I hope everyone takes a moment to remember Elena Zamora. She was a junior at Hume-Fogg. Consider her the next time you see a pedestrian in a crosswalk & give that walker plenty of space & time to cross.