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Thursday, December 18, 2014

What the Locals of Nashville Already Know…#8 is most pertinent to pedestrians.

From Style Blue Print:

If you are a walker in Nashville you will recognize this to be a BIG issue like the back of your hand.  Why are speed limits so ubiquitously fast? Why would they be so fast on side streets where people walk or ride without access to sidewalks???  

I encourage you to write to your mayor and to your councilperson when you feel a street is too fast for pedestrians to walk safely and comfortably.


8) You can’t understand why neighborhood speed limits are so high.

Walking a neighborhood in Nashville can feel perilous at times. With neighborhood speed limits at 30 MPH, which matches many of the speed limits on some local business streets, and with the addition of a seemingly 100% penetration of cell phones in the past decade, there’s good reason to feel this way! Parents want to send their kids outside, but cars drive way too fast, usually a good 10 MPH over the speed limit, in our neighborhoods. School speed zones, to protect kids, are 15 MPH. But in our neighborhoods, you are legally able to drive double that speed. Slow down, people! And, please, can we get that speed limit lowered to 25 MPH?
Speed Limit 30 signs Nashville TN
Nashville’s speed limit signs: on left near the Hill Center in Green Hills; on the right on Richland Ave, in an old Nashville neighborhood.


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