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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

West Nashville's Pedestrians About to Get a Turn?

There has been a lot of energy poured into East Nashville, The Gulch and 12th South.    Is West Nashville about to get its turn?  The proposed I-440 Greenway, shown below, is being discussed and it is really amazing.  Sounds like right-of-way issues have been mostly worked out.  Now, we just need the mayor and council to fund it. 

And, as a pedestrian advocate - I would say this is the biggest boost to walkability - affecting the most Nashvillians - that I have heard of to date. 

The proposed cost is less than the Gulch Pedestrian Bridge (which I support) so it seems reasonable & tangible.  
Take a minute to look at the proposal, then run (for once, don't walk) to write or call your council person to request support.  

This could be city wide game changer.  Maybe we could change our Nashvillian average of 3 active minutes per day into a much healthier number & encourage more commuters to walk.   

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