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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Average Nashvillian Completes 3 Active Minutes Per Day - Sad.

Today, at the BPAC (Bike/Pedestrian Advisory Committee) I heard a very interesting statement.  The average Nashvillian accomplishes 3 active minutes per day.  This was from a study the MPO conducted via surveying over 6000 households, a portion of which wore accelerometers.

I quickly checked my Fitbit…after a busy clinic day at work at Vanderbilt followed by a quick trip over to the courthouse for the BPAC meeting I had exactly met the Nashvillian average.


In my mind, this argues for better infrastructure that promotes walkability.  It also strongly argues for leadership that puts walkers and bikers 1st so that they feel safe, comfortable and able to incorporate active transport into their day in a real way - every day.  

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