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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Another New Sidewalk but Not to Standards…Why?

New sidewalk behind the mall in Green Hills, Nashville.  Sadly, you will quickly note that it lacks to proper green buffer width of 4 feet that is preferred for local streets.  This tiny strip is inadequate to support tree planting.  This could have been a beautiful tree lined corridor with plantings on either side of the sidewalk.  Instead, in the afternoon when the sun is at its hottest, pedestrians will have no reprieve.   This sidewalk is wide open to the western sky.


As anyone who has worked in Nashville to get a sidewalk in their neighborhood, you know what a monumental task it is.  If anyone out there reading this knows why we are not building sidewalks to our own standards - please inform me.  It is a great frustration to see this very rare and expensive infrastructure put in but not to our own described standard.

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Also, new to Facebook:  Nashville Needs Sidewalks - we really need people to get behind this one as this is a direct appeal to our civic leadership.

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  1. I am really heartbroken about this one - if you happen to know why this brand new sidewalk put in by the mall does not have the recommended 4' green buffer (with trees!!!) - I am all ears.