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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sidewalk Project #1 - Bowling Av

According to the 2014 Nielsen report "Millennials: Breaking the Myths," 62 percent of millennials prefer to live in the type of mixed-use communities found in urban centers where they live near shopping, restaurants and work.  

As many readers know, we are actively working to improve walkability along one collector road, Bowling Av, that would allow an entire neighborhood to walk to Elmington Park, West End Middle School, the West End bus plus numerous churches and synagogues.  

This has been a long and arduous project:  Sidewalk Project #1.  According to Public Works, we have an excellent sidewalk index near the school but it peters out near Woodmont.  Our goal is to create the preferred sidewalk, in accordance with the Nashville-Davidson County Strategic Plan for Sidewalks and Bikeways, which means a 6 foot sidewalk with a 5 foot green buffer. The neighborhood has been polled and we have support of 92% of the residents.  I met with one of the two individuals who personally expressed disapproval for Sidewalk Project #1.  The main concern expressed was that this individual had planted noise reducing trees but did so in the right-of-way.

Gone are the days where young people aspire to having a big home on a big lot isolated from their neighbors.  Instead, the next generation wants to walk to work and run into friends on the way all while doing a little window shopping.  Nashville's urban core is making startling progress - now, it is time for the neighborhoods that are just outside of this golden circle to get some improvements in infrastructure, too.  

If you are for sidewalk improvements on Bowling Av, in accordance with the Nashville-Davidson County Strategic Plan for Sidewalks & Bikeways:  



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