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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What Does Plot Have in Common With Walkability in Nashville? Everything!

I find it highly gratifying that, when you have a singular interest, which for me is being able to walk more, you can see correlates  almost every where you look.  The 'why' of my singular pursuit is because walking is rich.  It makes me feel alive.  And, the serendipity of the event is made of the many layers of life. 

Case in point:  This is the Story of a Happy Marriage, from an essay entitled From The Getaway Car:  A Practical Memoir about Writing and Life By Ann Patchett

'The plot of a novel should be like walking down a busy city street:  first there are all the other people around you, the dog walkers and the skateboarders, the couples fighting, the construction guys swearing and shouting, the pretty girl on teetering heels that causes those construction guys to turn around for a split second of silence.  There are drivers hitting the brakes, diving birds slicing between buildings, and the suddenly ominous clouds banking to the west.  All manner of action and movement is rushing towards you and away.  But that isn't enough.  You should also have the storefronts at street level, and the twenty stories of apartments full of people and their babies and their dreams.  Below the street there should be infrastructure:  water, sewer, electric.  Maybe there's a subway down there as well, and it's full of people'.  

Now, that is what I am talking about!  That is why I am so passionate about better walking in Nashville.  

If you share this viewpoint, please talk to your council person.  Write the mayor.  Call Public Works.  Go to neighborhood meetings.  Talk to the candidates running for office.  Donate to The Sidewalk Foundation.  Donate to Walk/Bike Nashville.

Take a walk. 


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