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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Equivalent of Pedestrian Hell in Nashville - A Visual

In Nashville, we have standards in regards to sidewalks.  Referencing The Nashville-Davidson County Strategic Plan for Sidewalks & Bikeways, for arterial streets, the plan states that there should be an 8' sidewalk and a 6' green buffer (p B.8).

If heading south on Hillsboro Road, a busy arterial street in Nashville, conditions for pedestrians start to deteriorate quickly once you leave the Village.  The sidewalk looses its green buffer.  Then, the sidewalk vanishes all together.  

Recently created sidewalk on Hillsboro but without a green buffer at The Enclave.  This sidewalk was created after the 2003 Strategic Sidewalk Plan was created.  There appears to be plenty of space on the building side of the sidewalk for a buffer.  It is unclear why the green buffer would not have been insisted upon.

As you cross over 440, there is a stretch of walking that is as close to hell as I can imagine.  In no way is it safe on foot!  I would never walk with my children here.  If you were disabled, in a wheel chair, hearing impaired or blind, it would certainly be a death trap.  The traffic is thick and fast paced.  The drivers frustrated due to traffic congestion.  

As you can see below, the sidewalk evaporates and there is literally no place to walk that is comfortable or even remotely safe.   This is an unacceptable situation and incredibly dangerous not to mention that it creates such a severe obstacle to pedestrian movement that no one walks here.   

Would you let your kids walk here?  Do you think the city is providing a safe place for all pedestrians to walk here?  Is this compliant with The American With Disability Act???

On a major arterial street in Nashville, why is this condition even allowed to exist?  

  Arguments for completion of this sidewalk gap include:

- It is a halting break in the connection from Hillsboro Village to Green Hills - two of the busiest shopping areas in Nashville. 

- Distance-wise, this is a very walkable span filled with residential lots and it should be connected to improve the vitality of this community.

- This span is in a very affluent area of Nashville with a high tax burden.   The quality of the infrastructure should reflect this.  

- These same citizens spend a lot of time walking loops in their neighborhoods.  What if they could actually walk to a business?  There would be a significant improvement in the flow of traffic.

- This area is one of heated frustration over the level of vehicular traffic.  Many people state that they avoid Green Hills because the traffic is too intense.  Why wouldn't the city want to invest here to make it walkable therefore relieving traffic?  

- It would also improve air pollution and noise pollution.  

Shade Parade Nashville & The Sidewalk Foundation is dedicated to:


If you feel like you would like your tax dollars to improve walking infrastructure in Nashville - please let your council person, Public Works, your neighborhood association and the mayor know.   

If you don't ask - there will be no change in Nashville.   

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