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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big Event This Saturday on Bandywood...Finish your holiday shopping on foot (and have fun doing it!)

Big Event This Saturday on Bandywood...Finish your holiday shopping on foot (and have fun doing it!)

Want to shop locally and pick up a few things from the mall in Green Hills?  Don't want to fight traffic and search long and hard for parking?  Come to a unique and clever event to be held 

December 19th, 2015


If you find it lamentable that Green Hills shopping district is not more walkable - please come to this event!  It is so important to actually walk Green Hills and experience it.  This event will provide a safe and cheerful way to do this in the company of others.    

Plan to meet a friend.  Please share this link or the Facebook links below.  


A funny addition from Elizabeth Miller, a very smart lawyer, mother and walking advocate that directly relates to the invitation below:

As a side note and to encourage all about the impact of the concept: (1) my 27 month-old boy, Henry, has devised his own game where he lines up his small VTech toys and the last one "can't find a parking spot"; (2) today, the Billy Reid employees at the Hill Center spent 10 minutes telling me about their harrowing adventures trying to hop the wall between the Hill Center and Bandywood to lunch/shop, concluding that TURBO should build a slide for Saturday's event. 

So, are slides a possible infrastructure solution so that walkers can scale the numerous physical blockades that are currently hindering pedestrian flow in Green Hills???  

Come and walk - decide for yourself (and have some holiday cheer while doing it)!





Come one come all to do you healthy holiday shopping! Find us by foot on Bandywood Dr and get FREE gift card giveaways and discounts!

Music Lineup:

3pm - Hillsboro High Carolers
3:30pm - Lisa Dotolo and Friends
4:30pm - Benjamin Bynum

People from all over Nashville come to Green Hills to do their shopping. The biggest issue with coming to this area to shop is dealing with the automotive congestion. Most people will drive from one parking lot to the next even if when a desired store is less then a tenth of a mile away. The reason most people will drive between stores is because the pedestrian infrastructure is lacking, it is unenjoyable and even dangerous to walk in this area.

With this project, TURBO and Alliance for Green Hills are creating a fun, festive, and safe environment for shoppers to walk between the Green Hills Mall and Hill Center.

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